Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others!           1 Peter 4: 10a

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden Team works from March until September caring for the plants and sidewalks in the rose garden of central Christian church. The team members are Pat Rotolo, Jeff and Rebecca Nolting and John Lamb. We meet each Saturday at 9 am (until June then 8 am).

     Another area where several plants were started was the “old fountain”.  We were given a gift from the estate of Marian Walker by her nieces.  With this gift, we purchased geraniums, flax, coreopsis, ice plant and alpine alyssum.
     Several new plants were added to the raised planter outside the pre-school among these were Pasque Flower and Coreopsis.  New flowers were added to the central square, under the tree.  Day lilies, Coreopsis, Tulips and Alpine Alyssum were put there to give year around color.
      About ten new roses were set out in different areas of the garden.  Columbine were planted in the area that receives the least amount of sunshine.  Small signs were made to place around the walkways to remind people not to walk across the flower beds.
     The Rose Garden Team would like to thank all members of Central Christian Church for their donations and positive comments about the work done and the beauty of the garden. We ask that everyone continue to enjoy the rose garden throughout the year.

The Team

This year we planted over 100 new flowers, most were planted during May.  A majority of the flowers were in the three raised planters along the breezeway.  We planted Alyssum, Verbena, Tall Phlox and Creeping Phlox. Most have done well. Additional plants will be placed in the planters this fall or next spring.

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